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Peter Thiel Body Measurements

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Biography - A Short Wiki

Peter Thiel has a hot body! All measurements are covered here!

German-born Web entrepreneur who co-founded PayPal and later ran a VC firm in San Francisco called Founders Fund. Some of the companies the firm has invested in include SpaceX, Spotify, and Lyft.

He was a nationally ranked junior chess champion.

He was one of the first major investors in Facebook, buying a 10 percent stake in 2004 for $500,000.

His family moved from Germany to the U.S. when he was a toddler.

He co-founded PayPal with Max Levchin, with whom he co-produced the movie Thank You for Smoking from 2005.

Body Measurements Table

Here is the body measurement information of Peter Thiel. Check out all known statistics in the table below!

Shoe Size (US)N/A
Body ShapeN/A


I would not describe myself as a super early adopter of consumer technology.

Peter Thiel

The best start-ups might be considered slightly less extreme kinds of cults. The biggest difference is that cults tend to be fanatically wrong about something important. People at a successful start-up are fanatically right about something those outside it have missed.

Peter Thiel

I believe, basically, that individual freedom is very important.

Peter Thiel

I think what’s always important is not to be contrarian for its own sake but to really get at the truth.

Peter Thiel

Men and machines are good at different things. People form plans and make decisions in complicated situations. We are less good at making sense of enormous amounts of data. Computers are exactly the opposite: they excel at efficient data processing but struggle to make basic judgments that would be simple for any human.

Peter Thiel
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