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Cress Williams – All Body Measurements

Cress Williams Body Measurements

Biography - A Short Wiki

Cress Williams has a hot body! All measurements are covered here!

Actor who became known for his roles in such television series as Prison Break, Friday Night Lights, Close to Home, and Black Lightning. He also played the role of Mayor Lavon Hayes on The CW’s Hart of Dixie.

He studied at Fullerton College and at the University of California-Los Angeles.

His television credits include appearances on Beverly Hills, 90210, Living Single, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and The West Wing.

He was born in Germany to an African-American family. He was married to Simbi Khali from 2000 until their divorce in 2011. He then married Kristen Torrianni in 2013.

He co-starred with Rachel Bilson in the CW’s Hart of Dixie.

Body Measurements Table

Here is the body measurement information of Cress Williams. Check out all known statistics in the table below!

Height196 cm, 6′5″ (feet & inches)
Shoe Size (US)N/A
Body ShapeN/A


I have a history, even going back to my time in college doing plays, of always hurting myself at some point in whatever I’m in. Like, always! And it’s usually my own doing and me being rambunctious and going, ‘Oh, I can do that better,’ or ‘Oh, I can do that quicker,’ and it results in injury.

Cress Williams

Back in the day as a kid, I was really drawn to the Hulk because it just felt so human and was probably one of the first stories that I felt emotionally invested in and not just thought it was really cool. You really feel for that person and put yourself in that situation.

Cress Williams

There are aspects of small town life that I really like – the routine nature of it, the idea of people knowing you and your likes and dislikes.

Cress Williams

Who I always refer to as my acting mentor when I got into junior college is an acting professor by the name of Tom Blank. He took me under his wing, and he was that strong male figure. He was tough love, but he believed in me, saw everything that I had.

Cress Williams

I grew up watching television. I’m a television addict. I had all these heroes, but they didn’t look like me.

Cress Williams


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