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Barry Jenkins – All Body Measurements

Barry Jenkins Body Measurements

Biography - A Short Wiki

Barry Jenkins has a gorgeous body! All measurements are covered here!

Director and writer whose 2016 film Moonlight earned him Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay. He made his directorial debut with the 2008 feature Medicine for Melancholy.

He studied film at Florida State University. He also worked as a carpenter.

He co-founded the advertising company Strike Anywhere.

He was born and raised in Miami, Florida. His father died when he was 12 and he separated earlier from his mother.

His hit 2016 film Moonlight features actors Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris.

Body Measurements Table

Here is the body measurement information of Barry Jenkins. Check out all known statistics in the table below!

Height170 cm, 5′7″ (feet & inches)
Shoe Size (US)N/A
Body ShapeN/A


I don’t choose to make movies as small as the movies I’ve made. The combined budget of my two films is far under $5 million, but it’s just by necessity that it ends up being that way.

Barry Jenkins

A month alone would make me so happy. Not good for my dating prospects.

Barry Jenkins

I really sort of kept to myself. I kind of just watched the world. And I think to keep people from messing with me, yeah, you know, I went out to run track. I went out for the football team. Not because I love track or love football.

Barry Jenkins

I’m so damn boring. I like reading and writing and making coffee. And walking. Barry Jenkins likes long walks.

Barry Jenkins

I worked for Oprah Winfrey for two years right out of college in 2004. I was a director’s assistant on the film ‘Their Eyes Were Watching God,’ which Oprah produced.

Barry Jenkins


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