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Andrew Young Body Measurements

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Andrew Young has a good-looking body! All measurements are covered here!

Former Mayor of Atlanta and Congressman from Georgia who was a leader in the 1960s Civil Rights Movement and a member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. In 1977 he was appointed Ambassador to the UN by President Jimmy Carter.

He took boxing lessons with his brother before earning a divinity degree from Hartford Seminary in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1955.

While appearing on The Colbert Report in 2008 he revealed that he had actually worked with the host’s father in 1969 to mediate a hospital worker’s strike.

He married his second wife Carolyn Young in 1996. His parents were Andrew Jackson Young Sr. and Daisy Fuller Young.

He was a friend and supporter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Body Measurements Table

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Shoe Size (US)N/A
Body ShapeN/A


Influence is like a savings account. The less you use it, the more you’ve got.

Andrew Young

There were lots of smart black people at Harvard before Barack Obama, but none of them ever got to head up the law review. There has been a history of discrimination.

Andrew Young

Having personally watched the Voting Rights Act being signed into law that August day, I can’t begin to imagine how we could have all been so wrong in believing that more Americans would vote once they were all truly free to do so.

Andrew Young

Our school systems have to realize that everybody doesn’t learn the same way, and no one learns without some emotional support.

Andrew Young

If you’re a preacher, you talk for a living, so even if you don’t make sense, you learn to make nonsense eloquently.

Andrew Young


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