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Alexander McQueen – All Body Measurements

Alexander McQueen Body Measurements

Biography - A Short Wiki

Alexander McQueen has a great body! All measurements are covered here!

Late founder of the Alexander McQueen fashion label who became a four-time British Designer of the Year Award winner.

He had his first design experience making dresses for his younger sisters.

He won the CFDA International Designer of the Year award in 2003.

He was in a committed relationship with George Forsyth at the time of this death.

He followed in the footsteps of John Galliano by winning the British Fashion Designer of the Year Award for two consecutive years.

Body Measurements Table

Here is the body measurement information of Alexander McQueen. Check out all known statistics in the table below!

Height180 cm, 5′11″ (feet & inches)
Shoe Size (US)unknown
Body ShapeN/A


Rap music’s been around for too long now to be inspirational. The words are, but the music isn’t.

Alexander McQueen

I was never a big networker, but I was a spin doctor, all those shock shows, that’s how I got my first backers. But fashion’s a scary industry to be in, especially if you’ve not grown up with it.

Alexander McQueen

I work with people I admire and respect. It’s never because of who they are.

Alexander McQueen

Fame should be left to the film stars.

Alexander McQueen

I have been skiing since I was in school, but I’m not great. I am never going to break an Olympic record, I just want to go down the hills, on red or blue runs, but not… black.

Alexander McQueen


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